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We’re not sure if it’s the salt air, a bit too much sun or the distance from the mainland, but Miami Beach has had an attraction for the notorious and the creative, those looking to reinvent themselves and those who just wanted a beautiful place to live. “What happens in Miami stays in Miami” reflects an attitude that defines the free-wheeling nature of the Beach and also speaks about those who came and then stayed.

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She started covering crime on the police beat for the Miami Beach Daily Sun. She moved on to The Miami Herald where she made a name for herself covering murders. Now she’s one of the best-known crime fiction writers around. This interview was filmed in Books and Books on Lincoln Mall in September of 2016.

The interview with JoAnn was recorded in June 2012.

Artist Michele Oka Doner, sitting under a tree she used to climb as a child on Miami Beach, talks about the retrospective of her work currently exhibited at the Pérez Art Museum Miami. She tells how she chose pieces for the exhibit, many of them artifacts from her childhood collection. Michele was born and raised on Miami Beach. Her father served two terms as Mayor. She recalls the lessons in life she learned from her grandfather and the small town community that was Miami Beach in her growing up years.